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Learn Karigrafa - a classic language!

        Karigrafa was the language of the majority of San Lareadans well into the nineteenth century when English became the national language. As the language is almost archaic, no keyboard supports the unique alphabet, so the characters must be drawn individually. You, too can learn Karigrafa with our interactive course. Please, if you choose to learn Karigrafa from this site, kindly email us at

       The alphabet for Karigrafa will be up shortly. It is quite difficult to learn, so instead, you will be using the English version. This will be introduced to you as you go. There is a pattern to how Karigrafa fits into your alphabet; however, there are many exceptions to the rules. In order to decrease confusion, the system will not be introduced until later. For now, just memorize the spellings. Recordings of native Karigrafa speakers will be available at a later time, so until then, rely on the pronounciation guide.

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