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San Lareado:

The People


    San Lareado has been gifted with many peoples and cultures over the centuries, from its earliest known inhabitants, theAurumi, to the British immigrants of the less than Aurumi girl in ceremonial clothing.  Photo copyright 1994 by Aimin Znapati.two hundred years ago. Each group of people arriving in our country left its influence- the Aurumi influence on Karigrafa, the old San Lareado language still spoken by some peasants; the Spanish cathedrals from the Catholic period; the British language which recently became our official language. However, the culture of San Lareado is one found nowhere else in the world.


    San Lareado is primarily an urban society, with approximately 80% of its 23,428 citizens (census 1995) living in its only city, San Lareado City. Another 18% populate the countryside, and the remaining 2% are from the indigenous Aurumi, who live in the mountains in a similar fashion to their lifestyle centuries ago.


    Protestantism is the major faith in San Lareado, introduced by immigrants from Britain. King Aimin II made Protestantism the state religion during his reign, but freedom of religion has since been adopted in San Lareado. The second most common religion is Catholicism, practiced mostly in the South. Princess Aimi, co-founder of the PSLCS The Aurumi religion also makes up a small percentage, and the remainder of citizens practice various other faiths.


    English is the official language of San Lareado, spoken by the entire non-Aurumi population and increasing percentages of the Aurumi each generation. Before Aimin II's order that English be spoken, the major language was Karigrafa, spoken in the central and western regions of San Lareado. Karigrafa is still spoken by the Aurumi.


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